Using Print Merge in Corel Draw
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Using Print Merge in Corel Draw

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The Print Merge tool is a fantastic way to mass-produce a set of items and save time and money in the process.


In this example, I will create a set of plates that will be put on each classroom door in a local high school. All plates will have the same logo, but each plate will have a different classroom number and subject.

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  1. Click Window > Toolbars > Print Merge to load the Print Merge toolbar.

  2. On the Print Merge toolbar, click Create/load Print Merge.





  1. In the Print Merge Wizard, enable the Create new text option, and click Next.

  2. In the Text Field box, type “Subject,” and click Add.



  1. In the Numeric Field box, type “Room,” and click Add.


  1. Click Next.



  1. In the Room column, type the first room number, for example “101.” Room 101 is Math, so you can type “Math” in the Subject column.

  2. Click New, and repeat the previous step as many times as necessary to create entries for all subjects and rooms.



  1. Click Next.



  1. Enable the Save data settings as check box, and click the button next to the text box to open the Save As dialog box. Choose a directory, give the file a name, and click Save.

  2. Click Finish to exit the Print Merge Wizard.


Now you will see that the Create/load Print Merge button on the Print Merge toolbar is disabled and the other options are enabled.  



  1. To build the document, you will add the first merge field, the room number. To do this, choose Room from the Field list box, and click Insert Print Merge Field. This will place the variable on the document. Next, choose Subject from the Field list box, and click Insert Print Merge Field once more. Now both variables are inserted in the CorelDRAW document.



  1. Resize the text and position it the way you want on the page. In this example, the room number is 100 pt Arial and the subject is 48 pt Arial. Both are centered on the page.

  2. On the Print Merge toolbar, click Perform Print Merge.

  3. On the Layout tab of the Print dialog box, enable the Fit to Page option to make sure all the plates will print in the same size.



  1. Click Print Preview.

  2. On the Print Preview screen, click the Imposition Layout tool, and type values for the number of rows and columns on the property bar, depending on how many images horizontally and vertically you want to have on the page. In this example, there are two columns and three rows.


User-added image



The Preview screen shows the layout of the plates.


User-added image

  1. Click the Arrow tool to see a preview of the complete plates.


User-added image


Now it is simply a matter of sending the document for printing.