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  • CorelDraw Error Message During Print or PDF Export - The Externally Linked Bitmap File Cannot Be Found
    This article will explain the error message received when trying to export a .cdr file to PDF or to a printer in CorelDraw.
  • Reposition images to is blank when print preview is first launched
  • Problem with Imposition Toolbar
  • Document bleed should be set to .125" by default
  • Issue with Cut lines being dropped
  • Currently Supported Corel Products
    The currently support Corel products - last updated April 9, 2014
  • Print Preview 'Reposition Images To:' Box Is Blank When First Launched in CorelDraw X7
    This article discusses the first time launching the Print Preview in CorelDraw X7, the "Reposition Images to" box is blank.
  • CorelDraw X7 - Imposition Layout Page Number Will Not Change In The Print Options
    In CorelDraw X7, the page number in the Imposition Layout will not change using the number keys. This article will explain how the page number can be changed while editing the Imposition Layout.
  • CorelDraw X7 - View Menu Is Disabled After Docking A Docker
    The related document provides information for anyone experiencing an issue with the view menu after docking a docker in CorelDraw X7.
  • CorelDraw X7 - Imposition Created In The Print Preview Is Not Respected In The Print Merge
    This article will explain how to create an imposition in the Print Preview which can be used later on in a Print Merge.
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