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  • Creating Motion Effects in PaintShop Pro
    How to create the illusion of high speed in a photo
  • Using the Fill Light and Clarity Tool in Corel PaintShop Pro
    In this tutorial you will learn on how to turn a simple photo into an interesting work of art using the Fill Light/Clarity filter, Local Tone Mapping, and picture frames.
  • Using the Straighten and Perspective tools in PaintShop Pro
    Have you ever taken a stunning photograph that would have been perfect had the camera not been slightly crooked? It can be very difficult to get a straight line with a hand-held camera or if you're moving while taking the photograph. PaintShop Pro's Straighten tool is a quick and easy way to recti...
  • Cropping and Resizing Images in Corel PaintShop Pro
    In this tutorial you will learn how to crop and resize images in PaintShop Pro.
  • The Manage and Adjust Workspaces
    Welcome to this tutorial about the Manage and Adjust Workspaces in PaintShop Pro! These Workspaces are essential for organizing and making quick adjustments to your photos.
  • Introduction to Black and White Photography
    Everyone has a preference when if comes to photography, some love color photography and others prefer black and white. While this is a matter of personal preference, black and white images do tend to convey a different emotional feel, often darker and more contemplative.
  • Color Basics: Quality of Light
    Possibly the most important element in photography is light. The quality of light generally refers to the color and the softness or hardness of your light source...
  • Color Basics: Color Temperature and Mood
    Color Temperature refers to the color of a light source. Different types of light sources have an inherent color that must be considered before you begin shooting. This color is measured in degrees Kelvin (K).
  • Color Basics: Color Theory
    Color in photography can be used as an element of composition or even the subject of a photo itself...
  • Improving Composition Using Depth of Field
    While arguably not necessarily an element of composition, Depth of Field has such a great effect on every other compositional element that it should be well understood.
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