Corel Discovery Center
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  • Currently Supported Corel Products
    The currently support Corel products - last updated February 26, 2015
  • WordPerfect® Office - Install Center Videos
    A video tutorial of activating WordPerfect Office X7 trial version, WordPerfect X6 installation of box and download version.
  • PaintShop Pro® – Install Center Videos
    Corel® PaintShop® Pro – Installation help for activating Corel® PaintShop® trial version, installation of box, download, and upgrade versions.
  • CorelDraw® Graphics Suite X7 – Install Center Videos
    A video tutorial of activating CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 trial version, installation of box and download version.
  • Using the Gaussian Blur lens
    The Gaussian Blur special effect in Corel PHOTO-PAINT is now available as a lens that lets you blur images non-destructively.
  • Photo Blending in Corel PaintShop Pro
    This tutorial will teach you how to combine images using the Photo Blend feature in Corel PaintShop Pro.
  • Enhanced View in CorelDRAW Displays Overprinting
    In this Tutorial we shall take a look at some of the benefits of how CorelDRAW features an enhanced view that displays live overprinting results. With this new feature, you can check your overprinted colors on-screen before proofing or printing your work. It's another of those neat features that you...
  • Powerful Shaping Commands for Corner Effects in CorelDRAW
    The three new shaping commands available since CorelDRAW X3 enable you to apply corner effects to vector paths, eliminating what would otherwise be a time-consuming manual operation. You can now instantly apply fillet, scallop, and chamfer shaping commands to create curved, reverse-curved, or bevele...
  • Using the Document Color Palette
    With both CorelDRAW® and Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™, a custom color palette is automatically created on the fly for each design project. The palette is saved with the file to help you keep track of the colors that you use by storing them for future use.
  • Creating a Holiday Greeting Card with CorelDRAW®
    CorelDRAW offers many tools and effects that you can use to create a holiday greeting card...
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