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  • VideoStudio Pro X7 Trial Launch Issue showing blank window
    After installing the trial of VideoStudio Pro X7, the program will not launch properly due to a blank white window appearing.
  • 000017049 - Error message when capturing via Firewire "The firewire port is occupied by another program,...
    When capturing from a camcorder or other device using Firewire, you receive the following message: “The firewire port is occupied by another program, please close the other program first”.
  • 000004807 - Registration: Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQs about registering a product to
  • CorelDraw Error Message During Print or PDF Export - The Externally Linked Bitmap File Cannot Be Found
    This article will explain the error message received when trying to export a .cdr file to PDF or to a printer in CorelDraw.
  • Reposition images to is blank when print preview is first launched
  • Problem with Imposition Toolbar
  • Document bleed should be set to .125" by default
  • Issue with Cut lines being dropped
  • Currently Supported Corel Products
    The currently support Corel products - last updated April 9, 2014
  • Print Preview 'Reposition Images To:' Box Is Blank When First Launched in CorelDraw X7
    This article discusses the first time launching the Print Preview in CorelDraw X7, the "Reposition Images to" box is blank.
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