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Pinnacle Studio 16 Patch History

Pinnacle Studio 16 – Update 16.1 is now available.
The 16.1 service pack is now available and includes over 300 updates and fixes summarized in the list below.
Corel Corporation – the company behind Pinnacle – recommends that you download and install this patch.
Click here to download the 16.1.0 patch
Release Date: 3/11/2013
Who Qualifies: All Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate builds prior to 16.1. 
New features, additions or feature enhancements:
  • Added frame advance in timeline or preview window via scroll wheel, in response to popular demand
  • Included Save Movie as Package and Upload to Box options in File Menu
  • File Export options now include Transport Stream (MTS) presets
  • Enhanced Library Navigator for faster, easier browsing through Library items. It can be pinned for permanent view, or collapsed for on-demand use
  • Improved Audio settings display for timeline tracks
  • Improved Timeline tools, notably adding tracks
  • Added Effects settings editing via keyboard 
  • Added minor usability improvements in Title Editor via additional timeline tools
  • Added support for new camera models
  • Added support for Intel Onboard GPUs
Fixes and performance optimizations:
  • Fixed additional issues in codec unlock process
  • Added additional stability and performance improvements
  • Improved Install Manager usability and first-time start behavior
  • Fixed 720p timeline export size problems
  • Fixed preview scrubber in Export window
  • Fixed crashes with removable drives
  • Fixed PCM audio problems in File export
  • Fixed Tagging and Filtering issues
  • Fixed issues in Titler thumbnail sizes and color picker
  • Improved Navigation in Compact Library
  • Fixed issues in dual-view preview window
  • Fixed issues with DD 5.1 channel loss and reversal
Please note that this update also includes the following fixes from the Pinnacle Studio 16.0.1 update, summarized below for your reference:
  • Pinnacle branded product
  • Several stability improvements
  • Addressed several user interface issues
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Updated links and manual references
  • Fixed 3rd party plug-in locking issue
  • Improved Trial to Full upgrade behavior
  • Enabled install from USB sticks
  • Fixed several issues in codec unlock process
  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility
  • Many stability and performance improvements
  • Enabled update functionality for Install manager
  • Addressed auto-restart after updates
  • Fixed Premium Pack Vol. 1 and 2 installation
  • Corrected install behavior with discs in drive
  • Full selection for Upgrade installs enabled
  • User guide opens with installed non-Adobe PDF reader
  • Increased flexibility with install locations
  • Fixed frame capture issue with Snapshot tool
  • Fixed HDV capturing on Windows 8
  • Fixed YouTube login issue
  • Improved AVCHD2 (MVC) video stream quality
  • Fixed Blu-ray burning on Windows 8
  • Fixed "time interval" and "time and date" scene detection
  • Improved stability Enhanced Tooltips
  • Corrected Speed effect behavior
  • Fixed silent gaps during audio shuttle