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Windows 8 and Pinnacle Studio Products

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The following product(s) are compatible with Windows 8.1 
  • Pinnacle Studio 17

Please Note: 
If you are running Windows 8.1, with previous versions of Pinnacle Studio, except for version 17, you may encounter issues.
Pinnacle Studio 16 on Windows 8.1 Please follow the steps detailed here.

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New Dazzle DVD Recorder HD
If you're using the new Dazzle product, with software "Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle," you will need to apply a patch to use it in Windows 8.1.  
Please follow these steps:
1. Restart your PC.
2. After restart, apply this patch.  

Pinnacle Studio 14 and Studio 15
If you're a Studio 14 or Studio 15 user who has recently upgraded to Windows 8.1, please uninstall and re-install the application, this should restore functionality in Windows 8.1

Avid Studio
Avid Studio was designed for Windows 7 and Windows Vista and released before Windows 8 was introduced. Unfortunately, it is no longer a supported product.

Studio 16 (with a patch) and Pinnacle Studio 17 will both run on this new operating system. We hope this information is helpful.